Sunday, May 23, 2010

Noon Turf Care, MA (Massachusetts) Offers Efficient Over Seeding Services

Noon Turf Care, MA (Massachusetts) is a leading provider of lawn care services and products. Founded by brothers Christopher Noon and Matthew Noon, it has been offering premium range of application services to its customers including lawn fertilization, tree and shrub care, perimeter pest control, organic fertilization, flee and tick control services etc. It also offers them several other application programs like grub control, lime application, surface insect control, core aeration, etc. Created in 1996, it has a wide customer base over the years and has employed highly skilled and qualified experts who work hard in order to provide the customers with highest degree of satisfaction.

Noon Turf Care, MA (Massachusetts) is popular among its customers for offering efficient over seeding services at nominal prices. This service helps the customers in keeping their lawns denser and more resilient. The over seeding application is performed in three steps. First step involves the core aeration treatment. This application is performed in order to loosen up the root zone and the soil surface. The process of aeration benefits the root system which is helpful in stimulating new growth, improving drainage and thus providing better environment for over seeding. Once core aeration application is completed, the experts perform the process of over seeding in which premium seed mixes are used.

The final step of this program is the bio-enhancement application. The usage of bio-enhancements is decided by the experts of Noon Turf Care, MA (Massachusetts) on the basis of condition and circumstances of one's lawn. Generally, proper Kentucky Bluegrass Mix is sufficient to keep one's lawn green and healthy. Though, several lawns do better with a mix heavier in Perennial Ryegrass seed varieties. These varieties are enhanced with naturally occurring "ENDOPHYTES" which resist feeding by Chinch Bugs and other surface insects. For further information about the efficient lawn care services offered by the company, please visit

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