Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Best Perimeter Pest Control Services Offered At Noon Turf Care

Noon Turf Care is a leading lawn care service provider from Massachusetts and is popular among its clients for providing excellent services at affordable prices. The lawn programs offered by the company include lawn fertilization services, tree and shrub care, flea and tick, and perimeter pest control services. The firm has employed a set of highly skilled and professional team of experts in order to provide the customers with best services. The experts put best efforts to ensure complete satisfaction of customers. The company offers excellent perimeter pest control services to its clients as the experts of company know that these pests are a real threat to the health of one’s family, and should be treated at the earliest.

The company follows extensive plan which helps in protecting your place from infestation of insects. The perimeter pest control services offered by the company deter the invading insects like ants, crickets, centipedes, silverfish, etc. In this process, the experts apply the treatment in a 3 to 4 feet area around the perimeter of your home after which the process of foundation treatment is performed. This treatment includes the application of controlling product at the height of up to 2 feet up on the foundation wall. The treatment offered by Noon Turf Care for controlling the population of pests includes the coverage of foliage areas as well as trash areas as such moist and shaded areas prompt the growth of pests.

The experts of Noon Turf Care treat the mulched beds thoroughly as these beds are yet another location where the insects love to hide. Besides this, thresholds, decks, window wells and crawl spaces are some other places where the probability of breeding of insects is high. So, the company thoroughly treats these areas as well as their surroundings in order to provide you a complete pest-free place to live in. For further information about the lawn care services offered by the company, please visit http://www.noonturfcare.com

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